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Library Services 

May contain: computer hardware, electronics, hardware, machine, monitor, and screen

Printing & Photocopies

The Libary offers self-service copy and print services onsite and digitally. All photocopies and computer printouts can be done in black and white and color. Computer printing can be done by visiting the library and using one of our public computer terminals.

 We also have a digital printing service. Please check the sidebar for how to print digitally.

The fees for prints and photocopies are as follows:​​

Black & White Prints/Photocopies.15/page
Color Prints/Photocopies.50/page


The Library offers access to desktop computers that allow Internet browsing, use of Microsoft Office software, and more. A valid library card in good standing is required to use the computers.


Fax Services

The Library staff can fax documents for patrons via the fax machine in our staff area. This service is outgoing only - the library cannot receive faxes. Faxes can be sent anywhere in the United States, and a confirmation page is produced for every fax sent.

First Page of Fax1.50
Additional Pages.75/page


Notary Public

The Library staffs two notary publics to meet the needs of the community.

This service is offered  may only be performed in person, and we advise that those interested in notary service call ahead of their visit. Users may have two documents notarized per visit. Per library policy, a record will be kept of all notary acts. This record may include the date of the act, the name, address, and signature of the principal signer(s), etc.

If the document(s) in question require witnesses, the principal signer must provide their own - soliciting witnesses within the library is prohibited. All signers must present a valid driver license, passport or other pictured state/federal issued personal identification card. All documents must remained unsigned until signer(s) are in the presence of the notary.

Staff notaries reserve the right to refuse notarization of any document(s) for any reason.

We do not charge a fee to notarize documents for New Haven and Lenox Township residents. For those who live outside of New Haven and Lenox Township, we assess a $5 fee for each document requiring notorization.